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The Population Size of
U. S. House Districts
By Year and by Congress
1789 to 2100

Quantitative Historical Analysis #3

This document provides district population sizes — both historical and projected — for the U.S. House of Representatives as follows:
 • Historical annual data for each state (and total) for 1789 to 2000.
 • Projected annual data for each state (and total) for 2000 to 2030.
 • Projected decennial data for total U.S. for 2040 to 2100.

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Note: this report was updated on November 30, 2007, thereby replacing the previous version dated August 15, 2006. The only material difference between the current report and the previous version is the addition of data for 1789 (for those states that then comprised the Union). None of the previously reported data has been revised.
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