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Biographical Compilation of U. S. House Representatives

 (ISBN: 0-9776021-0-9)

Biographical Information
for each Representative Elected to the U. S. House
from the First through the 108th Congresses
plus the 109th Congress to December 31, 2005

Quantitative Historical Analysis #6

The Biographical Compilation of U. S. House of Representatives provides biographical information for each U. S. House Representative beginning with the first Congress in 1789. Published as an e-book, the Compilation is fully searchable and offers the following features:

  • For each of the 10,508 Representatives listed, an active http link is provided to the site for additional information.
  • Three different indexes (described below)
  • Alphabetically sorted bookmark links to each Representative’s biographical section.
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The Compilation is 2,280 pages long and contains data not found elsewhere. The book is comprised of the following sections:

Section 1: Overview — Description of the Compilation and its data sources
Section 2: Biographical Compilation — Biographical information on each Representative
Section 3: Alphabetical Index — Representatives listed alphabetically and indexed to the initial Congress in which he or she served.
Section 4: Congressional Number Index — Listing of Representatives who served in each Congress
Section 5: Panoptic Index — Comprehensive matrix of all Representatives by Congress and by state

The Compilation’s biographical information is intended to be self-validating by any user; i.e., all the data for each Representative can be confirmed by examining the adjacent biographical summary. Moreover, the summary itself can be validated against the primary source via the working http link provided for each Representative.

Provided for each Representative is a brief biographical summary (provided by plus a data table consisting of the following items:

  • The state from which each was elected
  • The Congress(es) to which each was elected
  • The political party affiliation at the time of election (if known)
  • Dates of service for each Representative, also the reason for early termination of service (e.g., due to death or resignation) when applicable
  • When elected by a special election (in order to fill a prematurely vacated seat), the name of the predecessor is provided
  • Nominal Tenure in office — the number of consecutive Congresses to which a Representative has been elected
  • Actual Tenure in office — the cumulative number of days served consecutively without interruption 
The full version is available from various on-line book retailers.
The review copy requires Adobe Reader version 6 (or later)
which can be downloaded from:
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