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United States
States Only (excludes D.C. and Territories).
 A. Total U. S. Population
House District Data for
each State
Chart A is the total population of all states.
Reference Section III Chart A.1
 B. Total Number of Representatives
Chart B is the total number of Representatives authorized by Congress.
Reference Section III Chart A.2
For Additional Information, see A Brief History of Apportionment.
 C. House District Sizes (Population)
The red graph illustrates the nation’s average House district size
each year, which is equal to the Total Population (Chart A)
÷ Total Number of Representatives (Chart B).
Reference Section III Chart B.1
 D. Maximum Potential Number of Representatives
This chart illustrates the disparity between the maximum number
of Representatives permitted by the Constitution (yellow) and
the number actually authorized by Congress (blue).
Reference Section III Chart A.3
 E. Reelected Incumbents
This chart is the same as Chart B (above) except that it also has graphs indicating the percentage of incumbents of incumbent Representatives reelected to the House. This is shown for each Congress and cumulatively.

 F. Correlation Between Incumbency and District Size

 G. Correlation Between Tenure and District Size
See footnotes for additional information.

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