Return the House of Representatives to the People
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Table of Contents
Section I — The Promise: A Representative House

A. Drafting the Constitution

B. Selling the Constitution
C. The Ratification Debates
Section II — Trying to Correct the Omission

A. The Other First Amendment

B. President Washington’s Veto
Section III — The Congressional Principalities

A. The Representative Cartel
     in the House

B. Enormous House Districts

C. The Democratic Devolution

D. Disenfranchising the Voter
     through the Expansion of Suffrage

Section IV — Congress vs. the Constitution

A. One-Person, One-Vote

B. Some Districts are More Equal
    than Others

C. One-Person, One-Fractional-Vote
Section V — Our Imperial House

A. The Incumbency Franchise

B. Corruption in the House
C. Voter Alienation
Section IX — The Electoral College

A. Why are there 538 Electors?

B. The Neubauer-Zeitlin Analysis
C. Making the EC more

D. What is the Electoral College?
E. Electoral College Pros & Cons
Appendix — Additional Resources

A. Search This Site

B. Related Commentary
C. Research Resources

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free ... 
     it expects what never was and never will be.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Created: 30October2004
© 2004
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