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Historical Annual Population
of the United States
Estimated Population by State

Quantitative Historical Analysis #1

This report provides annual population estimates, by state, for 1789 through 2000. These annual estimates were interpolated from the United States Census Bureau’s decennial census data. (The report does not not include D.C. and other Territories.)

Second Edition Published on December 22, 2007

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Population data do not include the District of Columbia or U. S. territories.
Note: this report was revised on December 22, 2007, thereby replacing the previous version dated August 15, 2006. None of the previously reported historical data has been revised. This report no longer contains the post-2000 population projections; these have been revised and published as a separate report.

Below are additional resources on the subject of U.S. population

Population Base for Apportionment: 1790-2000 — Professor Margo J. Anderson's resource page provides a wealth of information:

In particular, provides a spreadsheet containing the population values used for apportionment (which frequently are not equal to the census population totals).

Historical “Resident Population” Census Data

Congressional Apportionment: Census 2000 Brief — This report explains the difference between “Resident Population” and “Apportionment Population”.

United States State-Level Population Estimates: Colonization to 1999
General Technical Report RMRS-GTR-111WWW (August 2003).
Rocky Mountain Research Station
(United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service).

What is truly remarkable about the RMRS analysis is that it provides annual population estimates, by state, prior to the first census conducted by U.S. Census Bureau. In fact, for many regions, the population estimates commence in the 1600s. In contrast, the population estimates provided by the TTO report commence with the state’s admission to the union.

Hypothetical Annual Population Projection for the United States
by state — 2001 to 2100

This report provides a hypothetical population forecast for each state to the year 2100.
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